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The Center is always looking for sponsors to help us with events, fundraisers, activities and craft shows. Your support will help The Center with providing these events to the community, to keep our programs growing and available to our members.

Our scheduled events for the remainder of 2023 are listed below, with a description of the event and how your sponsorship will be used for what's needed at each event to help us make them successful! 



First Responder's BBQ

We're celebrating our First Responder's with an appreciation lunch for all they do. Sponsorship will help with food, beverages and 'goodie bags'. We are expecting between 75 & 100 guests.


21 & 22

Back-to-School Craft Fair

In addition to the Craft Fair, we are also collecting school supplies and backpacks to 'Stuff The Bus'. These will be given away to kids at the Craft Fair. Sponsorship will help with backpacks, school supplies, refreshments, advertising, printing flyers, tote bag, raffle prizes and snacks.



Center Member's Appreciation BBQ

We want to thank our members for their continued support. Sponsorship will help with food, beverages and raffle prizes.



Healthy Lifestyle EXPO

A day of health tips, exercise, meditation, and finding new resources to improve the quality of life. Sponsorship will help with advertising, printing flyers, lunch for vendors, raffle prizes, signage and refreshments



Murder Mystery Theater

The first one ever hosted at The Center! Sponsorship will help with food, entertainment, advertising & printing.



Casino Night/Mood Swing Dance

Our yearly Casino Night in October.

Sponsorship will help with the Casino provider, advertising, paying the band, food, refreshments and raffle prizes. It will also help cover the cost for security.



Event for Breast Cancer

This year we'll be hosting a painting class "Paint-It-Pink". Sponsorship will help cover the fee for the instructor, materials and refreshments.


27 & 28

Fall Family Craft Show

One of the favorite craft shows of the year, we'll be expecting a large turnout. Sponsorship will help with tote bags to hand out to the public, advertising, printing flyers, raffle prizes and entertainment.



Veteran's Brunch

An event to celebrate the veteran's in our community. Sponsorship will help with the cost of food & beverages, the fee for the speaker, advertising and a small gift for each veteran that attends the brunch.


15 & 16

Holiday Craft Fair

The most popular craft show of the year. Sponsorship will help with tote bags to hand out to the public, printing, advertising, raffle prizes, fee for Santa & the photographer, snacks & refreshments.

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